To obtain water services, you will need to complete a new account application and pay the required non-refundable connection fee.


All accounts are calculated and utility bills are mailed by the end of each month. Bills are due upon receipt and a 10% penalty shall be applied should payment be received after the 12th of the month. Should the 12th fall on a weekend, penalty will not be assessed until the following Tuesday.  Late notices are mailed one week prior to the 23rd of each month.  Water Service will be disconnected on all unpaid balances over $25.00 at 9:00 AM on the 23rd of each month.  If the 23rd falls on a Friday or a weekend, water disconnection will be the following Monday.  After disconnection, a $50.00 reconnection fee applies in addition to the past due balance.


          • In Person at City Hall
          • Cash, check or money orders
          • Pay Online
          • Automatic draft – ACH bank draft for an additional $.15 per month.   Automatic Draft Form
          • Night deposit (369 Front Street)

Should you have the need to discontinue your water service you will need to complete and submit to City Hall a Disconnect Form with a forwarding address and verification of account ownership.                                     Discontinue Water Service Application

NEW SERVICE TAP FEES – In addition to the applicable tap fees, the customer will be charged for the cost of labor, materials, and equipment used in making the connection to the water and sewer line

Water Meter Size Water Tap Fee Sewer Tap Fee
3/4″ =  $ 1,500  $ 1,000
1″ =  $ 3,750  $ 2,500
1.5″ =  $ 7,500  $ 5,000
2″ =  $12,000  $ 8,000
3″ =  $22,500  $15,000
4″ =  $37,500  $25,000
6″ =  $75,000  $50,000