Elections are held every two years on even numbered years. Spring City’s current board consists of five seats, One Mayor and 4 Commissioners.

District and Precinct Info

County Commission District: 2
State House District: 31
State Senate District: 1
U.S. Congressional District: 4
Voting Precinct: Spring City South/City Hall

If you own property inside the city limits but live outside the city, you may qualify to vote in the city elections by absentee ballot.  You must verify your voting eligibility through the Rhea County Election Commission Office.

The Charter states:  C-23 (d)

In any city having a population of not less than one thousand nine hundred forty (1,940) nor more than two thousand (2,000), according to the 1980 federal census or any subsequent federal census, a registered voter who resides outside the boundaries of the city, but who owns at least eight thousand square feet (8,000 sq. ft.) of real property located within the boundaries of the city, shall be entitled to vote in all municipal elections and municipal referenda held in the city. In any case of multiple ownership of such real property, the nonresident voter must own at least one-half (1/2) interest of such property.